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Pfenex Reports Increased CRM197 Sales in Q1 2019

BioProcess International | Dan Stanton | May 14, 2019

For its first quarter 2019, Pfenex reported a 177% jump in revenues year-on-year to $10.4 million (€9.2 million), attributed to milestone payments and recognition of deferred revenues from its PF708 partners, and increased sales of its CRM197 product.

Pfenex CRM197 is More Immunogenic than KLH in Mice

Pfenex Case Study

Read this case study before selecting keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) as your preferred carrier protein. Our client measured higher antibody titers by ELISA and stronger neutralizing capacities for CRM197.

Choose a Commercial-Scale, Secure Supply Chain with Pfenex CRM197

Pfenex Case Study

Pfenex CRM197 can be supplied in kilogram scale to meet any commercial vaccine need. When contrasting carrier proteins, Pfenex CRM197 is the option that has been validated by positive Phase 3 results, and is sustainably sourced.

Pfenex Licensee Succesfully Completes a Phase 3 Study and Enters Registration for Pneumosil®

Pfenex Press Release

SAN DIEGO, March 6, 2019—Pfenex Inc. (NYSE American: PFNX) today announced that Serum Institute of India Private Limited (SIIPL), has completed a pivotal Phase 3 study for Pneumosil® a 10-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, in which Serum Institute indicates all primary and secondary objectives were met.

Pfenex Receives Milestone From Merck Associated With Clinical Advancement of Investigational 15-valent Pneumococcal Vaccine PCV-15 (V114)

Pfenex Press Release

SAN DIEGO July 12, 2018 — Pfenex Inc. (NYSE AMERICAN: PFNX) today announced the receipt of a milestone payment from Merck associated with the initiation of the first Phase 3 clinical study of (V114), an investigational polyvalent conjugate vaccine for the prevention of pneumococcal disease.

Analytical Assessment Shows Pfenex CRM197 has Highest Purity

ScienceDirect.com | By: John M. Hickey, et al. | July 2018 

PATH funded research determines Pfenex CRM197 has higher overall purity than 4 other CRM197 samples from both E. coli and C. diphtheria expression.

Dedicated Facility Injects CRM197 Into Conjugate Vaccine Market

in-Pharma Technologist | By: Dan Stanton | January 21, 2013

Pfenex can support large volume annual  demand for CRM197 with its vertically integrated offering and purpose built, state of the art cGMP manufacturing facility.

Pfenex Division Begins Product Capacity Expansion

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | January 16, 2013

Did you know Pfenex has been manufacturing large volumes of cGMP CRM197 since 2012 supporting a broad range of products from preclinical through to registration.  You won’t find a competing CRM197 product with a more extensive clinical and regulatory experience.

Recombinant Production of Carrier Proteins

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | December 1, 2012

Excerpt: Within the rapidly growing vaccine space, conjugate vaccines—polysaccharide antigens covalently linked to carrier proteins—have been shown to be effective against several bacterial pathogens.

Carrier Protein Outsourcing

BioProcess International | Cassidy Brady, Kevin Killeen, William Taylor and Anant Patkar | November 1, 2012

Why choose Pfenex CRM197? Continuity of supply is just one reason highlighted in this article.